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Video Conference and Tele-Therapy for Individuals

Couples, & Children

Located in Malibu, Serving California.

Couple Therapy Session

All sessions are currently being conducted via telephone and or video conference. 


Psychotherapy for Individual Adults, Children, and Couples in California

We are aMalibu, CA Therapistll feeling it. Our lives have been turned upside down, as a nation and as human beings. If you are young you are scared. You are trying to live your life with as much normality as possible. You may be in denial about what is going on in your city, state, country, world, or you may have taken heed, listened to the experts, maybe you're taking care of a family member who is sick or elderly. You think, this is surreal, and the challenges you were struggling with before, the self doubt, the feelings of instability, they have gotten much much worse.  


Those of us with children, with families, it feels like there is a lot at stake. We want to raise our children in an environment that is nurturing, with opportunities that exceed what we had as children, but we are now all faced with a challenge that may cause us to redefine what that means. We want the best for our children and we worry about what will become of their futures. Some were struggling before all of this--little things that you kept to yourself, but that concerned you or bigger problems, at home, at school. In some cases recent events may have made things worse. 


The elderly. Already a marginalized group. Already at risk of feeling isolated, now the pillars that they relied upon, the trip to the grocery story, dinner with friends, time spent with the grandchildren, these things have been temporarily taken away.


It is not only the fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus, the fear that someone we care about may succumb to the virus, but also our financial stability and the upheaval to our lives, what we considered normal has been suddenly torn asunder. As a species, humans are highly adaptable. And, we will adapt to this too. Please reach out for help during these very trying times. It's better to act sooner than to wait if you feel your mental health is taking a toll.  

I specialize in short and long term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for children, adolescents, parents, couples, and individual adults. I am a child specialist, a trained psychoanalyst, with additional training in cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR. I focus on the importance of finding balance, vision, creativity, and meaning in one's life as well as being versed in the medical model of mental disorder. From disorder and chaos comes balance and order. My clients have found my approach to mental health effective in creating long-term positive change. 

Some specialties include:
Parenting and family conflict
Couples and marriage
Childhood behavioral problems
Childhood disorders (ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiance, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities)
Grief and loss
Eating disorders
Sexual addiction
Issues related to sexuality
Psychosis, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder

Services provided:
Individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
Family psychotherapy
Couples counseling
Parenting classes 
Clinical consultation

Offices located in Serra Retreat Malibu, CA