Office Policies

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Dr. Jeremy Fink maintains a 48 hour cancellation policy . If you or your child is sick with a flu, cold, or virus please do not come to session. Jeremy tries to maintain a well-patient office , protecting others who share the office from contagion. Arrangements such as a phone or Skype session can be made under most circumstances. Dr. Fink’s office is in use most of the day and cannot double as childcare. Please pick up your child at designated times. Sessions are in 45 minute increments , and number of sessions per week vary from person to person, though a minimum of one session per week is standard. Please contact Dr. Fink directly to inquire about fees.

Under such circumstances where additional time to write a letter or read documents, etc., would be required of Dr. Fink, the amount of time it takes will be charged at the same rate as if it were a psychotherapy session. If fees are not paid partially or fully, and attempts to resolve this problem are unsuccessful, termination of treatment may occur. Dr. Fink will offer other resources and give you a reasonable amount of time to find another similar experience, either in private practice or through an agency. If your account is overdue (unpaid) and there is no written agreement on a payment plan, Dr. Fink can use legal or other means (i.e.-courts, collection agencies) to obtain payment. Dr. Fink is not in network with any insurance companies . He will provide a form that you will be able to submit to your insurance to petition for reimbursements. Reimbursement for out of network providers depends on your benefits and coverage. Clients who carry insurance should remember that professional services are rendered and charged to the client and not to the insurance companies. Psychotherapy is a confidential relationship . All information disclosed within sessions and the written records pertaining to those sessions are confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your written permission, except where disclosure is required by law. When Disclosure Is Required By Law: Some of the circumstances where disclosure is required by the law are: where there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent or elder abuse or neglect; where a client presents a danger to self, to others, to property, or is gravely disabled or when clients’ family members communicate to me that the client presents a danger to others. When Disclosure May Be Required: Disclosure may be required pursuant to a legal proceeding by or against you. If you place your mental status at issue in litigation initiated by you, the defendant may have the right to obtain the psychotherapy records and/or testimony by Dr. Fink. In couples and family therapy, or when different family members are seen individually, even over a period of time, confidentiality and privilege do not apply between the couple or among family members, unless otherwise agreed upon. Dr. Fink will use his clinical judgment when revealing such information. He will not release records to any outside party, unless authorized to do so, by all adult family members who were part of the treatment. Records related to treatment are kept confidential. If you ever want to view your records, please contact Dr. Fink in writing, and he will provide you with a summary of what has been written. Since these records are the personal property of Dr. Fink, he may refuse to share them with other treating providers. Of course, any disclosure pertaining to treatment would require your written consent. Due to the nature of the therapeutic process and the fact that it often involves making a full disclosure with regard to many matters which may be of a confidential nature, it is agreed that should there be legal proceedings (such as, but not limited to divorce and custody disputes, injuries, lawsuits, etc.), neither you nor your attorneys, nor anyone else acting on your behalf will call on me to testify in court or at any other proceeding, nor will a disclosure of the psychotherapy records be requested, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you are currently in, or potentially headed toward involvement in the legal system, please bring this up at the beginning of treatment . In addition, Dr. Fink provides neither custody evaluation recommendation nor legal advice, as these activities do not fall within his scope of practice.

If you need to contact me between sessions, please email me at [email protected].  If an emergency situation arises, indicate it clearly in your message and if you need to talk to someone immediately, call Psychiatric Mobile Response Team at: (818) 832-2400 (8am-5pm) or at: (800) 854-7771 (after hours) or call 911. THERAPIST AVAILABILITY: While Dr. Fink maintains office hours (generally Monday through Friday) there may be times that I am unavailable. If there is an emergency while I am away from the office (such as vacation), I will usually have someone on call for me. If there is no response to an emergency please call 911 and ask for assistance.

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