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Common issues affecting couples?

  • Communication Problems
  • Divorce/separation
  • Infidelity and betrayal
  • Sex addiction and partners of sex addicts
  • Pre-marital counseling/pre/post-pregnancy counseling
  • Resentment/repetitive arguing
  • Sexual difficulties/lack of passion
  • Child rearing differences/blended families
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Conflict due to financial problems
  • Anger/verbal, psychological, and history of physical abuse
  • Partner with a mental illness

When is couples counseling recommended?

All couples have conflicts; however, when couples engage in habitual negative patterns with one another the results can be detrimental and has been shown to be the number one predictor of divorce and separation. Fighting often, putting each other down, name calling, problematic relationship roles; these are some of the destructive patterns that can result in the demise of a marriage or relationship. Attending couples counseling sessions is not necessarily a sign of break up; rather, it can preempt relationship failure, improve communication, and can help couples build skills that will benefit the relationship for the long term.

What can I expect from counseling?

The aim of couples counseling is to help a couple learn better ways of relating to one another, recognizing each others' needs, resolving conflicts, and learning skills such as open communication and problem solving. Stuffing down the conflict is not the goal of counseling; rather, we will explore the meaning behind both positive and negative feelings towards one another, and help you to engage in new ways, using new-found skills and styles of communicating. Typically sessions are scheduled once or twice per week and depending upon the specific issues, therapy can range from just a few sessions to a more long-term process. Attending your first session is a big step forward towards a more fulfilling relationship.

Healing Emotional Bonds

EMOTION is the way a couple organizes and expresses their needs, fears, and desires to one another. During couples counseling we will assess the meaning behind the emotions that are expressed and help each member of the couple understand for what the other is asking. During session you will develop the ability to assert these needs, and old patterns that once resulted in distress and tensions will be replaced with new communication styles, fulfilling the need for loving, caring, and acceptance.

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